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(Audio) Kris Kelli teams with Rick Ross for new collab

Entertainer Kris Kelli and rapper Rick Ross is working on the remake of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s 1968 track “You’re All I Need To Get By. In a Youtube video, both Rick Ross and Kris Kelli are hyping fans about the track that has already been released digitally. Kris Kelli who is trying to […]

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(Audio) Macka Diamond defends road manager in St. Kitts laptop theft saga

Macka Diamond has run to the defense of her road manager after reports that he stole a laptop in St. Kitts. Reports are that a member of Macka Diamond’s entourage and a male booking agent were arrested for the theft of a laptop in a hotel lobby. Macka is however accusing the booking agent of […]

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Munga counting on Another Prayer

DANCEHALL artiste Munga Honorebel said his latest track, Another Prayer, was inspired by brutal attack on his life on Friday evening. “The song is real and it’s because of prayers why I am here today. Instead of thinking about retaliation, I just expressed my emotions and gratefulness in song,” he said. The entertainer — whose […]

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Spice apologized to her fans!

Dancehall artiste Spice has refuted claims that she personally brought a minor on stage during her recent performance of ‘So Mi Like It’ in Belmont Beach, Westmoreland. According to the deejay, the boy’s father was the one who brought the minor to the platform, and was supervising his presence on stage. “During my performance of […]

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(Audio) Munga tells fans stop planning nine night!

Dancehall Artiste Munga says he is recovering well after being involved in an incident with a man reportedly of unsound mind. The artiste details what happened. He also tells fans who may have heard rumours that he was dead, to stop planning for his nine night and funeral.

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Munga: I won’t seek revenge.

Munga speaks after vicious attack SHANICE WATSON, STAR Writer “Postpone all funeral and nine-night. No dead to me situation!,” ordered the self-proclaimed Gangsta Ras, Munga Honourable, after rumours went flying that he had died after he was attacked and chopped several times last Friday night. He had to get 34 stitches because of the chopping. […]

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Lady Saw invites Safaree over… Cooks rice and peas for him

Rapper/dancehaller Safaree Samuels Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend is in the island and it seems safaree has been having a great time hanging with local celebrities and fans. The rapper, who is of Jamaican heritage, is also doing some recording on the island for his upcoming project, as well as, hosting a few parties including a pool […]

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Munga Honorable chopped, hospitalized but not dead!

Rumours began circulating on social media that Dancehall Artiste Munga Honourable died after receiving chop wounds last night, however the Zee managed to get in touch with the artiste. Munga was only willing to confirm that he is ok, and that he is planning to release a statement tomorrow morning. Meanwhile reports are that the […]

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(Audio) Buju Banton does not approve of new song!

Buju Banton’s team is dismissing reports that the incarcerated entertainer has released a new song. Just after images of Buju entertaining his fellow inmates at a Georgia correctional facility in the United States went viral on social media, comes a new song titled “My Favourite Song” produced by locally based Stone Cold Records. Rosemarie Duncan, […]

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Usain Bolt may retire after Rio Olympics

Usain Bolt said he is “50-50” on competing at the 2017 World Championships in London, which he previously stated would be his final competition before retiring. He may retire after his fourth Olympics in Rio next year instead. “I really want to run at London, but I think the sport is not as fun as […]

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