G Whizz, Dancehallstarz Featured Artiste 15 – 21 July 2012

Garland Germaine Rowe, otherwise known as the artist G Whizz, was born on January 28th 1983 in the Caribbean on the island of Jamaica which is popularly known for its musical inhabitants and white sand beaches. Garland Rowe’s birth was at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston St.Andrew, the Capital of this magical island. Garland was brought into this world by Barbara and David Rowe. He has spent most of his life living with his parents and eight siblings.

Garland has spent most of his early childhood in the rural town of Linstead St.Catherine, which is known for agricultural prowess and the Alcoa Bauxite mines that cover its landscape. Garland then moved with his family to the community of Nanny Ville where he now lives. The Nanny Ville area of Jamaica where Garland has spent most of his adult life living is a depressed community otherwise called the Ghetto. Garland has now come onto the music scene, as the artist G Whizz, out of the school of hard knocks where he found his singing talent and has been owning his vocals ever since he picked up one of his fathers old Bob Marley and the Wailers phonographs.

G Whizz’s biggest inspiration and connection for singing has always been Bob Marley, and can reminisce back on the songs that made him look towards a better future for himself and his family. Songs such as Buffalo Soldier, Three Little Birds, and No Woman No Cry has inspired him to attain greatness; and to help him maintain focus on his singing throughout all his trials and tribulations he has faced growing up in a harsh and poverty stricken environment. G Whizz has maintained his focus and started singing by joining his High School Choir (Vauxhall High School) and became one of the lead male vocalists. After graduation from High School, G Whizz was awarded with a Certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Music.

G Whizz’s persona is somewhat of easy going and very patient, and goes by the saying “work hard and play hard”, which is the motto he has stood by thus far. He has always had many friends that he cares for dearly, and also not to mention his family who he is very close to. G Whizz’s best friend has been his mother Barbara, and she has always been there for him and the rest of his siblings throughout all the rough times.

Currently G Whizz has been spending much of his time at FAMS HOUSE STUDIO, where he does most of his recordings which are under operational control by his management team. Otherwise, G whizz spends his time on the road promoting singles, doing shows and interviews with the local media, or he is at home where he constantly writes songs throughout the day.