On the set of ‘Live Mi Life’ video shoot featuring Konshens, Delus & ZJ Wah Wa

On the set of ‘Live Mi Life’ video shoot

Brothers Konshens and Delus recently shot a new music video for their single ‘Live Mi Life’, which was produced by popular radio disc jock ZJ Wah Wa on his FE2 Music label.

The single is also one of several songs on ZJ Wah Wa’s Mad Panorama rhythm, which he released this summer. The video, which was filmed in Mona, was directed by Dameon Gayle with Richie Ras providing the background music.

The music video was sponsored by Sky Vodka, Campari, Sangster’s Rum Cream, Magnum and Conquering Lion White Overproof Rum.

The video promises to be an exciting watch with several voluptuous-looking women all strutting their stuff in front of the numerous camera lenses. The single itself has been getting rave reviews since its release and Konshens has already become optimistic about the video reaping equal success.

“Well, the song itself is going well. It is one life so you must always try to enjoy it and that is what the video is saying. I am excited about this video already”, he said.

Delus, speaking after the shoot, echoed the sentiments made by Konshens saying, “The video is sick, new and different. I enjoyed this video and it is very lively. Never a dull moment as you could see.”

Ibrahim Konteh, who is the senior marketing officer for Sky Vodka and Campari, said it was an easy pick to sponsor the video given the successes the rhythm has had so far.

“Our brands are synonymous with good entertainment and high energy and that is what ZJ Wah Wa’s rhythm reflects. It was easy to decide,” he said.