Popcaan not part of Kartel’s new crew “PG 13”.

Following the recent disbanding of the Portmore Empire by embattled deejay Vybz Kartel, a new group called PG 13 has surfaced which is alleged to only feature a small fraction of the original Portmore Empire artistes.

After weeks of speculation that Popcaan was not a part of the new PG 13 group, Tommy Lee may have confirmed the rumours during a recent interview with BBC 1Xtra’s Dancehall Mix.

When asked by media personality Young Lion about Popcaan’s status in PG 13, the Stocking Up The Paper and Psycho singer said Popcaan was not really a member.

“Popcaan, now yu done know not really still. Mi and Popcaan good still enuh, but him nuh really a part a di crew right now. A just me and Gaza Slim,” he said.

However, Tommy Lee, being very cautious of his choice of words, was very tight-lipped about Popcaan’s membership in the Gaza camp.

“Mi nuh waah really seh certain things right now,” he said.

The STAR contacted Tommy Lee’s road manager Pin Pin and according to him, he was not in a position to give a comment on the PG 13 group.

“Mi cyah even comment on that right now, but mi hear bout it. Mi nuh really understand the PG 13, mi just hear like everybody else, mi just hear sey him (Tommy Lee) inna it. I don’t know who form it or if a just dem alone inna it. Hopefully in coming weeks we know more about it. Tommy Lee is in England now and has new videos to release,” Pin Pin said.

However, producer and manager of Gaza Sheba, Elvis Redwood, confirmed that PG 13 was Vybz Kartel’s new group.

“A Kartel sey PG 13 and a dat wi a work wid. If him sey PG 13 and a him Shawn Storm, Slim and Tommy Lee, a just that. But aside from that I don’t know the full details, we just have to wait and see,” Redwood said.

Popcaan is yet to speak publicly about the disbandment of the Portmore Empire and about his being left out of Kartel’s newly formed PG 13 group as efforts to get a comment from his management proved futile.

A recent song released by Tommy Lee featuring Vybz Kartel called Informer, where both artistes deejay about an informer who sold out the Gaza, is also alleged to be aimed at Popcaan.

“All wey yu duh mi think him a family and him a watch man pocket like sey him funny…bwoy yu neva was bad man, yu always was a informer, yu try fi sell out Mr Palmer,” a part of the song said.

Tommy Lee is currently in the United Kingdom on his ‘Gaza Man Crazy, No Wi Insane’ tour.