Porn star shoots adult film in Jamaica

International porn star and actress Haley Sweet recently shot scenes for her upcoming adult film called ‘Jamerican Duttywine’ in Jamaica.
The movie features local male actors, and was shot at an undisclosed location in Kingston.

An exclusive footage sent to The WEEKEND STAR by producers of the movie shows the actress in the nude sitting on a sofa with a man who appears to be Jamaican.

In the clip, the actress ponders to herself, “man I can’t believe I am in Jamaica, and I still haven’t (expletive).”

Then the male actor says to her, “Hey what’s up, how yu doing babes? So what’s your name?”

Haley replies, “I am Haley, I’m just here for a few days.” Then the male character replies, “Suh babes yu ever get a Jamaican … yet?” Haley laughs at the invitation before the two begin to indulge in adult activities.

Haley Sweet has been an actress since 2008, and has been featured in over 10 adult films to date.


According to the actress, they decided to film in Jamaica because of its exotic nature.

“It has been great, it’s a beautiful country. It’s more exotic and it’s a new space which is a natural turn on. The official destination for the film is the Caribbean which includes several islands including Jamaica. The co-star is a Jamaican bodybuilder, he calls himself ‘Yaad Black Diamond’, he is hot,” Haley laughed.

The movie is expected to premiere in coming weeks and will also be featured on a local cable channel.

“Depending on how long post production takes, the best thing to do is to keep on checking our newly set up Facebook page,” she said.

The actress also hinted at shooting more adult films featuring Jamaican men, citing that the experience was fulfilling.

“I had fun working with a Jamaican and I want to do it again, and I am sure you will love the movie, the quality is awesome. I look so pretty in HD,” she laughed.

“Have fun watching me on your local cable network on Demand (VOD) in the comfort and privacy of your home. Remember, I am a professional,” she said.

The weekend STAR contacted Nomadz band member and award-winning actor Sheldon Shepherd to get his opinion on Jamaica’s involvement in adult films, and he said he embraces the possibilities.

“Porn is an industry like any other industry and it has its own market. I don’t have a problem with the porn industry, it’s either you watch it or not. Jamaica is one of the sexiest and beautiful places in the world so people will want to film here,” he commented.

“What we need to do is capitalise on the possibilities so that Jamaica can benefit through taxes and so forth, but I don’t have no problem with it being shot here … it’s modern times,” he said.

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It has been great, it’s a beautiful country. It’s more exotic and it’s a new space which is a natural turn on.’