Tommy Lee Respond To Bounty Killer’s Statement.

Since releasing his diabolic single ‘Uncle Demon’ and coming under immense criticism from various sects across Jamaica. Tommy Lee continues to show tremendous calm in the face of mounting adversity.

Recently, the Gothic deejay was given a fiery verbal baptism by Alliance leader Bounty Killer for his demonic utterances and persona. A militant Bounty went as far as stating he may even take his plight to the upcoming December Sting concert to crusade against the current influx of Anti-christ and satanic influences affecting the genre.

However, despite the harsh criticism, when asked for a response to the Warlord’s statement, the Gaza deejay says he will not do or say anything to disrespect his elders.
“Mi nuh have nuh comment pon dat enuh, a elder and mi nah disrespect him. Di youth dem just duh the right and hold up yu head. A him name Bounty and a him sey cross, angry and miserable. I have no problem with him, mi respect and love him same way, mi just a look mine and a mek sure sey mi kids dem eat,”

Other members of the entertainment fraternity have also vented their opinion in support of Bounty Killer including accomplished producer Cordell ‘Skatta’ Burrell.

According to Skatta “Cyah believe Jamaicans are inviting the devil into our blessed country. Hope when destruction start tek wi, unno nuh call pan Jah fi help,”

Similar sentiments were echoed by Cross Cris, Manager of Alliance Next Generation “we are not fighting against young artistes, but “it is the continuous glorification of satanism and demonism that is being portrayed that we are against, nothing more.”