“We’re still good boys,” says Voicemail … after raunchy song release “F$cking/Touching”

Dancehall group Voicemail has been creating waves recently with the release of their latest single ‘Touching’.
The group released both a raw and clean version of the song, but it is the raw version that has been the talk on social media sites, with many questioning whether the group has departed from their ‘good boy’ image.

The group rose to prominence in 2004, and is best known for their dance songs, including Let’s Dance, Wacky Dip and Ready to Party.

According to group member Craig Jackson, the release of the song showcases the growth of the group.

“We have not departed from our ‘good’ image. We’re just adding growth to the music. We are growing, and we recognise that we have whole heap a female fans so we’re just basically showing our growth,” Jackson told THE STAR.

The other group member, Kevin Blair, also seconded Jackson’s statement, telling THE STAR that the group now aims to service both markets.

“We’re still ‘good boys’, we are just servicing both markets. We have a lot of adult fans asking what’s next for us apart from dance and party songs, so we are just giving the other side of Voicemail. We are reinventing ourselves,” he said.

Jackson went on to say that the song, which was produced by Pusha Yute Productions, has been getting rave reviews, even though some individuals were quite shocked to know it was done by Voicemail.

‘It’s been doing great, ridiculously great. At first, people are like ‘wow, is that really Voicemail?’. But after they realise that it is indeed us, they really like it,” he said.

With more artistes branching out into more risqué music, Voicemail says they, however, have not been receiving any backlash from the song.

“Anybody nuh like di song, don’t like music,” Jackson said.

This will not just be a one-off thing for the group, as they promised to deliver more tracks of this nature.

In the meantime, fans can look out for Voicemail’s new video for Clap It Up and their upcoming album titled Next Level which will be released on November 2.